Student Program

New this year is the Freefall Program which provides training to a larger student base than our previous AFF program.

The First Jump Course involves a "Ground School" and 7 successful skydives 1 Tandem and 6 solos in the IAD (instructor Assisted Deployment) method where the instructor activates the parachute. The Tandem jump is not required if the student has performed a tandem jump within the last 2 years.

The IAD jumps are performed from 4500' as the student works on body position, stability, and the pull process. If all levels are passed, the last jumpmwould be a first freefall where the student opens their own parachute!

Course entails

6 hour training course

1 Tandem Jump*

6 IADs Jumps

All materials required to perform the jumps



$899* per person. Booking requires $100 deposit

* price is reduced to $699 if jumper has performed a tandem jump within the past 2 years

Course Dates

July 8th

July 15th

July  22nd

August 5th

August 12th

August 26th

September 9th