The Dropzone / Facilities

Adventure skydiving features an on site camping and BBQ area, and a spectator area as well. Feel free to bring friends and family to camp up, have a meal and watch your terrified face while you come in for landing!

On location is also a hangout lounge with soda machines and a snack bar, we also have an on location video lounge featuring a pool table and a dart board

Also the city of Steinbach is less than a mile from the airport, in case you would like to grab a bite to eat after your skydive, or just hang out waiting for it.

For licensed/solo skydivers the dropzone features:

  • maximum altitude of 11,000 feet
  • training in methods of FreeFlying, Canopy flying, Relative Work (Formation Skydiving) and an option to get a freefall videographer to take video and stills of your skydive