Tandem Jumps. Pre-book with payment now and save money.
Weekends Steinbach location (9am-Dark) $299* Video is available of your full jump! Extra altitude only$39 get almost 50% more free fall time. Go for it!! Just book online under A Weekend Tandem Jump Extra Altitude... (for Satellite Schools to Brandon, T-Bay, and Melville/Yorkton see below).
Weekdays Steinbach location. (12pm- dark) $279* Video available of your full jump! Extra altitude only $39 if you before July. Go for it!! Book online under A Weekday Tandem Jump Extra Altitude... (Satellite Schools to Brandon, T-Bay and Melville/Yorkton see below).
Satellite Schools $324 for Tandem jumps in Melville/Yorkton, Brandon, and T-Bay. Extra Altitude is $50. Book online now under your city's deposit (eg. Thunder Bay Deposit). Please do not pay in full under weekday or weekend tandem jumps. Those rates are for the home DZ in Steinbach, MB only.
Tandem DVD+Stills $99 for your Tandem Skydive DVD.
* Deposits and pre-payment are non refundable. If not pre-paying, add $25 to above prices.
Student Program $899 Ground school course + 1 Tandem +6 IADs
FF repeat skydive $95
*If Tandem jump has already been performedin last 2 years, course price is $699
Prices for Skydivers/course graduates
Lift ticket to 10,500 Feet $34
Complete gear rental $35
Each student jump with gear $75 Buy more and save from 3-10 packs.
Five Lift Pack with gear rental $295
Group Rates

Why not get a group together (friends, family, co-workers, your team) and come on down?

Get 3 together and receive $10 off per person!
Get 6 and receive $20 off per person!
Get 9 or more receive $30 off per person!

Each person must have a deposit or pre-pay.

**All prices listed above do not include tax and are subject to change without notice.
***All deposits and prepays are non-refundable but can be rescheduled.
Anyone unable to reschedule are advised to use only the deposit option.