Currency – staying fit to skydive!

What do you mean by “staying current”?
Staying current is basically when a skydiver, through a period of time retains his proficiency by jumping and not having very long layaways that may cause him to be unsafe or forget some of the important safety aspects of the sport. Basically what a skydiver should set a goal to, is to finish his course and attain his/her license. Once the jumper has attained his/her license they can jump freely with other licensed jumpers! What's also important to keep in mind, is that once you have your license, try and come out and jump every now and then just to keep your currency level up, so you wouldn't forget the basics.

A great deal of skydivers, if not the great majority of Canadian jumpers, cannot jump in the winter time, between the end of the season and the beginning, which causes them to fall out of currency. Not to worry! In the beginning of the season the dropzone runs Ground school refresher courses and safety days for all of the skydivers that need to get back into shape, and get the jump season started again.

Why is staying current safe?
Simply because a current skydiver is comfortable and familiar with different aspects of the sport. You wouldn't want the pilot flying you to Europe being one that has not touched a plane in 10 years – for the same reason. Staying current is staying tuned with the sport and safety, keeping yourself in the loop, in the game and in the safe zone!

What is a safety day? Safety day is a necessary event every skydiver needs to participate in once a year, regardless of currency and experience level. The safety day includes reviews of different incidents that took place as well as general review of gear and the basics we all know, just to make sure it's kept fresh in our minds. Safety days are administered at the DZ in the beginning of every season on a few occasions, free of charge.

Layaway period AFF student AFF graduate A/B license holder C/D license holder
6 weeks Repeat last AFF skydive Still current Still current Still current
6 months Repeat AFF Repeat Ground school, repeat AFF5- AFF7 Theoretical review, 2 hop and pops Still current
1 year Repeat AFF Repeat AFF Repeat Ground school, repeat AFF5- AFF7 Theoretical review, 2 hop and pops
2 years or more Repeat AFF Repeat AFF Repeat Ground school, repeat AFF3- AFF7 Variable

* In any case of recurrency training - the Chief Instructor (S&TA) retains his right to conduct further training, theoretical or practical, at his discretion.