Skydiving DVD & stills

Videos of your skydive include:

  • The dropzone
  • A few words from the skydiver (you can prepare something if you want to)
  • The plane ride to altitude
  • Climbing out and exiting the aircraft
  • Freefall
  • Parachute deployment and canopy ride
  • Landing

Videos are taken via hand-mounted camera on the instructor's wrist, that captures...well...everything...
videos are taken with specialized High definition cameras for maximum quality. Adventure Skydiving now featuring high definition 11 Megapixel still pictures of your Skydive. Get over 200 still pictures of your exit, freefall and parachute ride!

Videos taken are sent to digital editing and are put to music, subtitles and burned to DVDs. Turnaround for receiving the videos are usually within a week, but in extraordinary circumstances may take up to two weeks.

Being that the editing process is entirely digital, if you have any words that were spontaniously said during the skydive and you would like them cut out, it can be done.

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