Meet the Staff

Adventure Skydiving takes pride in its staff. Our staff makes us a unique dropzone in the sense that all of the staff members are professional skydivers, and do it for a living full time all year round, all over the world. We believe that the staff makes the experience, and that makes Adventure skydiving stand out in the crowd, we encourage you to meet the staff, and come be a part of the dropzone and the sport!

What's a Skydiving Instructor?
Flat out – it's a stranger you meet for the first time, and trust your life with.
What does it take to become a Skydiving Instructor?
A minimal amount of skydives, usually over 500, minimal time spent in the sport, recommendation and passing written and practical exams, as well as abiding by physical fitness standards set by the aviation industry.
Why are you guys so special?
Simple. We take the bar and rise it up, high.
  • Our instructors have each over 2000 skydives (the required is 500)
  • Our staff members have worked all around the world in skydiving.
  • A lot of instructors in the world hold a full time job and skydive part time. Our staff members are all full time professional skydivers 7 days a week, all year round. Simply, this is what they do.
  • Our staff members come from different places in the world, which generates a rich and full environment, which is a key element in skydiving, versatility.
  • Our staff members are not trained in local standards, but international. Due to that, our dropzone can issue international licensing.
  • Last but certainly not least, our staff members love what they do!